10 Reasons to Invest In Singapore Real Estate

www.SingaporeCondominiums.ForSale Editorial Team, 26th Feb 2015

Aptly regarded as one of the finest countries in Asia, Singapore is the leading real estate hub. It attracts expats from all over, and many of them want a share of the lucrative sector. Investors are ever looking to invest their money in Singapore’s multi-billion dollar real estate industry. It is no wonder Singapore’s popularity has increased and even competing with popular cities, such as Beijing, Tokyo, and New York. Here is why you should invest in Singapore real estate sector.

Reasons to Invest in Singapore’s Real Estate Booming Industry

#1: Property agents from Singapore are easier to deal with. The process of shopping for a house can be tedious and exceedingly time-consuming. That is why property agents come in handy as they are skilled to interpret your wishes, desires and budget to achieve success. All you need is to be absolutely clear in the terms of aesthetics, dimensions, location, and prices you want.

#2: Finding what you are looking for is easier. Singapore is filled with a plethora of properties that range from condominiums to small houses to flats. If you are looking for property, you can make certain that property agents will get you what you want. Don’t wait for your property agent to go on a wild goose chase, choose the type of property you need and fixtures you want, and let them know your requirements.

#3: Strategic location. Singapore’s strategic location has made it possible for investors to flock the country for investments in the real estate sector, thanks to its immediacy to modern cities, including Tokyo, New Delhi, Shanghai, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, and Beijing. The growth of real estate Singapore has grown widely because of the country’s strategic location.

#4: Low corporate tax rates offered to investors. Compared to nearby countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and other Asian countries, Singapore has the lowest interest rates hence able to attract a plethora of real estate investors looking to get a slice of the billions in the country’s property market. Low-interest rates are enough good reason to attract investors looking to invest here.

#5: Entering Singapore is easy (especially if you are a business person looking to invest in Singapore’s soil). Most investors coming to Singapore enjoy relatively hassle-free entry and exit from the country through special visas and passes. This is possible thanks to Singapore’s government implementing pro-business policies that favour foreign business people/investors.

#6: Great international facilities. The fact that Singapore has the finest tourist attractions makes it popular for real estate investments. This increases the chances of investors wanting to set base, create more tourist attractions and properties for people who want to live in this country. Singapore Grand Prix, Marina Bay Sands Resort, Esplanade, etc are a few tourist attractions.

#7: Almost all industry sectors are diversified. Any future economic crisis is combated when there is a stable, diversified economy in place. That is what Singapore’s industry sectors are – diversified. This helps attract expats and foreign business people which in turn encourages investments in the real estate industry. A diversified economy supports growth of a country.

#8: Demand for property is at an all-time high. The need for housing properties is very high in Singapore thus encouraging real estate investors to flock the country. Actually, the rental rate is still higher in Singapore than the mortgage interest rate. This is encouragement enough for prospective buyers hailing from foreign countries, and who want a share in real estate sectors.

#9: Easier to negotiate property prices. Buying property in Singapore is easy; negotiating for it is even easier. That alone attracts investors in the real estate industry to invest in the country. If you want to negotiate prices, you first put down a 1% retainer as a consideration in exchange for the Option to Purchase the property. A fortnight is the time given to decide on the property.

#10: Businesses (and expats involved in business) are offered incentives. If your business has plans to grow through conducting high-value activities in Singapore, such as real estate, can apply for various incentive programs. This is music to the ears of foreign investors looking to invest in Singapore. Successful applicants are however required to satisfy tough requirements.