Selling my Singapore Property

Selling your Real Estate in Singapore

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If you have arrived at this page, it would probably mean that you’re considering to sell your Singapore property. Perhaps you have been trying to sell it but you’re not getting the result that you want. There could be a few factors for a successful sale to take place and we’ll explain it here for your benefit.

Factor #1 – Attractive Pricing

It is said that real estate is about location, location, and location. The issue here cannot be about location, simply because you cannot change the location of the Singapore property that you’re selling. Instead, the location of your property determines how you should arrive at your selling price. There is always two prices: asking price and closing price.

In a bull market, you can often times close at a price higher than your asking price, usually due to extremely good demand evidenced by multiple viewings. However, in a bear market very often a property is advertised at a higher price than what will eventually be the transacted price. Hence, it is essential that you recognise which kind of market you’re in and employ the appropriate pricing strategy when marketing your Singapore property to make your unit look attractive in terms of dollars and cents.

In the cases we at www.Singaporecondominiums.ForSale take on, we use multiple tools (read as expensive and exclusive) and research to determine the most attractive price put forth to the seeking buyer. Using our comprehensive and sophisticated reports, we will propose a pricing strategy to help you in getting the price that you want for your Singapore property. Talk to our consultants about that price that you want now.

Factor #2 – Tailored Viewing Experience

Sellers usually show only the unit. Good property agents extend the buyers’ viewing experience to the surrounding and the facilities. Great property agents customise a viewing experience based on the aspirations and likings of the buyers. We seek to understand entirely what the buyer wants and we let them experience that during the viewing appointment. It is through this sensorial experience that the buyer can make the decision to buy the condo or house for their personal enjoyment or to rent it out to the delighted and paying tenant.

We make every effort to understand every buyer that we introduce to your property for viewing with the prospect of buying. Our efforts enhances the buyers’ experience and build trust. In other words, we make your Singapore property look the best that it can be for each buyer. How do we do it? Ask us about our complimentary photography package (worth S$188) that enhances and brings out the best for your property which you sell through us.

Factor #3 – High Exposure

No matter how beautiful or good any property in Singapore is, it won’t sell if little or no one knows that it is for sale. It is critically important to receive as much exposure for your property as possible. Apart from advertising in the printed media, it is important for the enlightened seller to realise that we now live in a digital world, where communication and information flow in an ubiquitous and seamless manner. You need to expose your property sale to targeted buyers on social media and real estate portals.

Well, any property agent would probably do the above. However, we have something special prepared for our sellers. We will expose your sale on our vast investor and agent networks appropriately, where some are private networks. It is never about numbers, but always about quality. And we do that for our privileged clients. Ask us about our special group advertising strategy to maximise the exposure for your unit—where you get more for less!

Alright, we have shared with you 3 ideas that can help you with your property sale. We have many more where those came from, but we’ll keep those for our meeting with you—our privileged clients. For all the hard work we put in to get you your sale, we hope that you will gladly use us to re-invest your sale proceeds for you in other potentially profitable real estate investment.

How much is my property worth?

If you’re thinking of selling your Singapore property or looking for your next investment, a detailed report on your real estate choice is both essential and logical. In fact, it will be reassuring to know that you are represented in your next transaction, be it buying or selling, by a realtor who has access to all the information that will help you to achieve your desired investment and ownership objectives. Access to such information maximises your advantage in negotiations, later on.

Let us know show you some of the tools we will use to help us with pricing your unit for sale:

Singapore property Pricing Report by SRX SPH
Singapore Property Report by Squarefoot Research